Italian Leather Suites sofas. Classic style. Fabric soft covers too

Italian leather suites and sofas from Italy in leather
and fabric. Italian sofas, Italian suites or Italian couches - it doesn't matter what you call them! From ornate Louis style carved wood frame to sleek and modern designer couches and recliners to classic, traditional, and corner groups. Luxury stylish seating with new standards in comfort. Italian style and design at its best. Real leather, quality hide and very comfortable. Most sofa suites available in leather or luxury upholstery fabric
  Italian leather sofas home page Classic Style Italian leather and fabric suites and sofas Modern designer suites sofas and couches from Italy. Corner suites sofas and groups. Sofas and suites in leather and fabric direct from Italy to you. Prices information. Ornate carved wood framed sofa suites from Italy.
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ornate carved wood frame sofas suites and armchairs Italian leather sofas and leather suites and Italian furniture, leather sofas and comfortable couches in luxurious soft leather for your lounge, sitting room, drawing room, TV room, home theatre, hall, bedroom or office - wherever in your home you want comfortable and elegant seating to relax in - Italian leather and fine luxury fabric upholstery suites and sofas in modern, contemporary italian leather sofas and suites great value
and classic styles. When you want style, elegance and quality you need design and manufacture from Italy - not something made to look as if it is designed and made in Italy, but actually designed and made in Italy. Italian Leather suites leather sofas leather chairs, sofas suites and settees from Italy, Italian suites upholstered in fine fabrics soft covers. Italy has an excellent reputation for tanning quality leathers and hides; for those of you who might think that Faux means something good, it very simply means false - so faux leather is false leather - up to you which you might prefer!  Made in Italy and delivered direct from Italy to the UK, for both the public and the retailer. Please do contact us for Italian leather suites and Italian sofas and the occasional leather chair and leather furniture. Sofas suites three piece lounge suites couches and corners mainly in leather - from Italy, where style design and quality are second nature.
Modern designer sofas suites and corner groups PUBLIC? You can buy suites* that you see on this website - not direct from us but from one of the retailers that we guide you to or, in some cases, direct from the manufacturer in Italy. * The availability of Italian suites does change so not everything is always available. You see it online but you buy from an established retailer - the best of both worlds. That same retailer may well be able to supply you with Italian furniture  including bedroom sets and dining furniture, some in high gloss. Whatever colour you are looking for - white leather, brown leather, black leather or most colours in between, you are sure to find the colour of leather or sumptuous luxury fabric you are looking for. Whether you are looking for big or small, hard, soft or deep, cheap or exclusive you will find much to suit you. You may well be looking for the most comfortable that you can find. Please click on PUBLIC
Italian leather sofas and groups designer TRADE? You have now found a reliable source of supply for a great range of Italian leather suites and sofas including classic style, modern and the ornate carved wood suites with sculptured velour. You can order and relax knowing that your order will be delivered on time Cristina imposing carved wood sofa settee artmchair suite from Italy
The ATMOSHERE collection - for those with as much money as sense. Select the style of leather or fabric suite you would like to buy and click on the appropriate link above. You can choose Classic leather suites - some with ornate carved wood frames, show wood frames. Leather corner sofas and leather corner suites. Modern leather sofas, couches and suites and you will also be able to find out more about Italian furniture if you contact us. Italian furniture, bedroom furniture and dining room furniture.
Style quality and comfort from Italin sofas and suites

Experienced and reliable supply

Modern leather Sofas, Classic Suites, Corner suites, groups and couches, mainly in LEATHER, delivered direct from Italy to  the UK. Carved wood frame ornate sofas and suites. An increasing number of suites and sofas upholstered in fabric because sofas with fabric upholstery echo the style that more of you are looking for. Fashion and style - a dynamic subject - is ever changing. Increasingly, we are seeing a return to traditional styles and values and our Atmosphere range (you will find it in the Ornate section) is perfectly positioned for this.

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Italian leather suites, Italian leather furniture, leather suites, sofas, lounge suites, pouffees, couches, settees, three seat sofas, two seat settees, love chairs, armchairs and footstools and Italian Furniture in England - including London, Midlands, Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North of England, Scotland and Wales, UK.  Modern leather suites and leather sofas and couches. L shaped corner group suites and sofas. Wide selection of colours, black and brown to cream and white. Leather chairs including blue and green. Italian leather sofas supply to the trade in the UK direct from Italy - truck loads or individually

Italian Leather Suites and Sofas. 


Find out about an exiting range of Modern designer Italian sofas suites couches and corner groups as well as some Italian Classic style sets available to you DIRECT from Italy - Just click HERE 
All sizes given on this site are believed to be accurate but given as an indication only and it is your responsibility to check if the dimension is critical. Similarly, colours are subject to the photographic process, your own browser settings and a number of other factors which make it impossible to guarantee that the colour that you see on this site will be exactly the colour on the suites - sorry . . . NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO BUY ITALIAN LEATHER SOFAS AND SUITES, AND ALSO THE STYLISH FABRIC SUITES.
Italian Leather Suites and sofas include Figaro, Deborah, Chantal. King, Lord, Barocco, Linda (Juliet) and Wien; plus many others.  Many of the sofas, suites and chairs can be made to your desires - whether you like it soft, firm or hard, extra long, wide or deep, the choice is yours. Furniture, chairs, couches from manufacturers in Italy. Classic design, modern contemporary styles in up to the minute fashion. Ornate carved show wood frame sofas. Supplying retail and wholesale trade. Italian leather suites, sofas, settees, couches, armchairs, chairs, footstools, lounge suites.  One, two and three seaters. Three-piece leather suites and your choice of combinations.  Manual recliners, electric reclining armchairs. Modern, contemporary, ornate with carved wood and classic styles.  Modern Italian leather suites and sofas. Louis style, designer modern suites Lounge furniture, bedroom furniture, dining furniture. What does faux leather mean? It means false leather so what on earth does 'Real Faux Leather' mean? It means real false leather which is obviously nonsense and should alert you to avoid buying those suites! Italian leather, however, means just that - it is real leather.

Supply for the TRADE in the UK with leather sofas direct from Italy - information for the public too.

You can have a look at great choice of other suites and sofas by clicking on the links that you see on this page and others on this site. Italian comfort and style. It is Italian leather suites - not suits or sites!

  Italian leather sofas home page Classic Style Italian leather and fabric suites and sofas Modern designer suites sofas and couches from Italy. Corner suites sofas and groups. Sofas and suites in leather and fabric direct from Italy to you. Prices information. Ornate carved wood framed sofa suites from Italy.
Italian leather suites and sofas Italian furniture. #Leather suites  #Leather sofas
Italian leather suites sofas settees couches fabric covers too